The History of the Flintridge Prep Fathers Club


The Early Years



In 1946, the first “Father & Son” function was held at a banquet in the (former) Pasadena Athletic Club. The main speaker was Mike Pecarovich, Coach of the San Francisco Clippers, American Football League of the Pacific Coast. The event was a success, but an even longer lasting benefit was the foundation had been established for subsequent Father’s activities at Flintridge Prep.

During the 1953-54 school year, the Flintridge Associates (Fathers Club) was formally organized. The purpose of the organization was to welcome new Flintridge Prep fathers into the school family and to assist the school financially.  The organization was founded at the suggestion of Mrs. Mary Matthew, mother of a ’58 graduate, and was headed by Mr. Bruce Stone, the first Fathers Club President.  In 1982, the Flintridge Associates was formally changed to the Fathers Club.




Present Day



The Fathers Club is a group of fathers whose mission is to engage fathers in the Flintridge Prep community through service and enhance the experience of everyone at Flintridge Prep: students, parents, faculty, administration and alumni.

Designed to be a support arm of Flintridge Prep, the Fathers Club is a school service organization. Our main duty is to sponsor events at the request of the faculty and students, as approved by the Headmaster.


Prep Fathers Wayne Kasai, Jerry Faulkner and Michael Wolff



Fathers Club Presidents Through the Years

Over the past 60 years, 28+ fathers have served as President of the Flintridge Prep Fathers Association and Fathers Club.  Through their leadership, the Fathers organizations have helped Flintridge Prep support the overall school mission of offering an engaging, rigorous, moral, and intimate learning environment, nurturing in its students the skills, knowledge, values, and inspiration essential to a rewarding college experience, a lifelong embrace of education, a devotion to community, and a full and responsible life.

Fathers Club Presidents
Years of ServiceName   
2014 -Leland Louie
2010 - 2014John Johnson
2009 - 2010Keith Tobias
2005 - 2009John Taylor
2002 - 2005Chris Carr
1997 - 2002George Thomas
1996 - 1997Gary Wullschlager
1994 - 1996George Tucker
1992 - 1994Mike Parker
1991 - 1992Ron Rossiter
1990 - 1991Bob Otto
1988 - 1990Denis Lojeski
1987 - 1988Don Pearson
1986 - 1987David Scaff
1985 - 1986James Blanchard
1984 - 1985James Campbell
1982 - 1984David Scaff
1981 - 1982Robert Takeuchi
1980 - 1981Eugene Rembac
1964 - 1980No Archival Records
1963 - 1964E. O. Rodeffer
1962 - 1963Jack Manildi
1961 - 1962Dr. Luis J. Fischer
1960 - 1961R. S. Lochridge
1959 - 1960Reuel Olson
1958 - 1959Frank Rhodes
1957 - 1958Edwin Sweeting
1955 - 1957Richard Hansen
1953 - 1955Bruce Stone