September 2014 Roundup

2014 Fathers Club Board

On behalf of the Fathers Club Executive Board, we want to thank all of our volunteer Dads for donating time to support the September 2014 Flintridge Prep Fathers Club Events.

During the month of September, we achieved 3 simple goals:

  1. Introduced and reunited new and returning Dads to Flintridge Prep
  2. Helped welcome new parents to Flintridge Prep
  3. Brought the Flintridge Prep community together for a memorable all school social event.

On Wednesday, October 15, 2014 from 6:30-8:30pm we welcome all Dads to attend our next scheduled Fathers Club meeting in the Flintridge Prep Chandramohan Library. The evening starts with a social mixer, followed by updates and discussions on important school-wide programs and initiatives, including: Preparation for the 2016 Accreditation Visit, Athletics and the Arts.


Leland Louie

President, Flintridge Prep Fathers Club


October 15, 2014 Prep Fathers Club Meeting – Guest Speakers

2014 Fathers Club Meeting Speakers
Prep FacultyTitleBioSpeaking Topic
Ms. Sarah Cooper
Sarah Cooper
Co-Dean of Faculty, 
Started in 2001
Ms. Cooper is the co-dean of faculty and teaches 8th grade US History. She received her BA in history and literature from Harvard College.

Mrs. Walker-Oakes is the co-dean of faculty and teaches AP Art History. She received her BA from Harvard College and her MA from University of California Los Angeles.
Speaking Together, Ms. Cooper and Mrs. Walker-Oakes will discuss the self-study process Prep faculty and staff are undertaking in preparation for the 2016 Accreditation visit.

The self-study process includes special attention to the deep and thoughtful questions about academic and extracurricular programs, administration and institutional change.
Mrs. Vanessa Walker-Oakes
Vanessa Walker-Oakes
Co-Dean of Faculty,
Started in 2004
Mrs. Walker-Oakes is the co-dean of faculty and teaches AP Art History. She received her BA from Harvard College and her MA from University of California Los Angeles.
Mr. Garrett Ohara
Garrett Ohara
Athletic Director,
Started in 1999
Mr. Ohara is the athletic director and coaches boys Varsity basketball. He received his BA from Westmont College and his MA from Azusa Pacific University.Mr. Ohara will provide an update on Prep’s athletic programs, key initiatives, and upcoming events.
Mr. Rob Lewis
Rob Lewis
Performing Arts Dept. Chair,
Andani Teaching Chair,

Started in 2007
Mr. Lewis is the chair of the Performing Arts Department and teaches drama, while directing theatrical productions. He received his BFA in drama from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and his MA in directing from Roosevelt University/Chicago College of the Performing Arts.Mr. Lewis will provide an update on Prep’s Performing Arts programs, and upcoming events.


Now for the fun stuff and shout-outs!

2014 Fathers Club Members for Home Slider

2014 Back-to-School Dads Mixer Event, September 2, 2014

Back-to-School Dads Mixer Event Leader: Jeff Dixon

Event Volunteers: Albert Lau, Alon Friedman, Bill Bremer, Brent Broyles, Chris Kersting, Craig Witt, Eric Kristensson, Fred Weiss, Jerry Faulkner, John Culpepper, Kelly Wu, Kenny Pawlek, Kevin Gunning, Lou Delgado, Michael Coan, Michael Hunt, Steve Erdody, Steve Witter, Madeline Baraclough

Little Known Facts:

  • While their son, William, graduated Prep in June 2014, Jeff and Elizabeth Dixon opened up their home for a second year in a row to host the Fathers Club Back-to-School Dads Mixer Reception.
  • Over 140 Dads and Faculty attended the reception event
  • It really isn’t difficult to get 140 Dads and Faculty to stand still for one fun group picture



2013 New Parents Reception Event, September 4, 2013


New Parents Reception Event Leader: Jerry Faulkner

Event Volunteers: Anthony Hernandez, Bill Bremer, Eric Kristensson, Ken Kikkawa, Kevin Gunning, Michael Coan, Stephen Erdody

Little Known Fact:

  • Tending bar is “still” one of the most coveted Fathers Club volunteer positions to sign up for!



2014 Family BBQ Event, September 16, 2014

Family BBQ Event Co-Leaders: Bill Bremer and Lou Delgado

Family BBQ Volunteer Team Leaders: John Culpepper and Steve Slater (Set-up), Brent Broyles (Food Prep), Kevin Gunning (BBQ Cooking), Steve Witter (Food Running), Jerry Faulkner (Food Serving), Kenny Pawlek (Drinks & Deserts), Craig Witt (Raffle Tickets), Manny Abascal (Clean-Up), Scott Harber (AV Audio & Photography), Beth Price and Gabi Sacks (Decorations), Madeline Baraclough

Dad Event Volunteers: Adam Castillo, Alan Weinstein, Alon Friedman, Andrew Son, Andrew Yeghnazar, Anthony Hernandez, Arman Bernardi, Brent Jones, Brent Lew, Brett Barnard, Brett Schraeder, Bruce Blair, Carter Tutwiler, Craig Hooley, Craig Mazin, Daesup Chang, Dan Wachtel, David Bernstein, David Codiga, David Hitchcock, David Klatsky, David Law, David Moore, David Samuels, David Scott, David Thompson, Derek Wong, Doug Campbell, Eddie Liao, Eric Kristensson, Eric Neel, Eric Panajotovic, Eugene Detchemendy, Fred Weiss, Gore Verbinski, Greg Frazer, Harold Fregoso, Holger Besch, Hugh Mac Dhubhain, Jack Davis, Jason Fordham, Jean Paul Cativiela, Jim Griffin, Jim Langley, John Benn, John Brown, John Dale, John Johnson, John Walton, John Wright, Johnny Le, Johnson Shyong, Jonathon Jaffrey, Joshua Kreinberg, Keith Pipes, Ken Kikkawa, Ken Morrissey, Kevin Garrity, Krishnakumar Soundararajan, Larry Mangubat, Lee Tsangeos, Levon Matossian, Manny Grace, Mark Davis, Mark Durkin, Mark Harris, Mark Schmidt, Martin Ratliff, Michael Coan, Michael Habashy, Michael Hunt, Michael Martinez, Michael Rosenfeld, Mike Comer, Mike Maloney, Mitchell Rubinstein, Mohammed Barakat, Paul Murphy, Paul Stevens, Paul Wang, Ramen Chmait, Randall Yoshida, Randy Dreyfuss, Reid Leslie, Richard Ashworth, Richard Fleischner, Richard Pai, Robert Alverez, Robert Baraga, Robin Liu, Roy Chan, Russell Rucker, Samir Abou-Rass, Sanjeet Dadwal, Scott Fellows, Scott Harbor, Scott Penn, Sean Carroll, Sivert Glarum, Steven Tamura, Tim Choi, Tim Evans, Todd Walklett, Tom Bouquet, Tom Palmer, Tony Palazzo, Tracy Lynch, Umesh Lalwani, Vinay Khurana, Vincent Ventresca, Walt Weiss, William Kilpatrick, William Lin.


2014 Family BBQ Home Slider

Little Known Facts:

  • Over 1,200 Prep Community members attended the BBQ event
  • Over 160 Dads, Moms and Prep Faculty volunteered their time to put on the really big show
  • It really was hot on September 16th¨