How The Fathers Club Supports Flintridge Prep

 prep fathers club supports flintridge prep with a multifacted program

The Fathers Club coordinates parent volunteers and encourages a sense of friendship as well as participation in the following ways:


Academic Programs

We attend school functions as active parents and participants in the life of the school. Each year the Flintridge Prep Fathers Club awards Pursuit of Excellence Awards to students in grades 8-11 who have been selected by the faculty for their enthusiasm for learning.

prep fathers club supports flintridge prep student academic programs



Cultural and Social Events

We support and attend campus events, which recognize the culturally rich and diverse environment, and support school activities for the students and the Flintridge Prep community at large.

 prep fathers club supports flintridge prep student events




We enrich the Flintridge Prep sports experience by supporting our teams with our attendance at sports events and at awards ceremonies that occur at the end of each season.  Our goal is to increase school spirit, pride, and promote good sportsmanship by example.

prep fathers club supports flintridge prep student athletics



Financial Support

With the advice and input of the Flintridge Prep Board of Trustees, the Faculty, and the Administration, we identify and monetarily support worthwhile endeavors and endowments. Also, Flintridge Prep Fathers Club activities generate scholarship funds for graduating seniors.

prep fathers club supports flintridge prep with financial gifts



Mentoring & Internships

The co-aim of Flintridge Prep and Flintridge Prep Fathers Club is to provide all students with the best possible start in life.  This philosophy extends to future careers and is the foundation of our Prep-for-Life philosophy.

Flintridge Prep students and alumni have two programs to help them with their growth through active mentoring and career internships; PrepExchange program and Career Windows & Traditional Internship program, started by the Flintridge Prep Fathers Club and designed to help Flintridge Prep alumni who are attending a college or university.

To learn more about these two programs, visit our Mentoring & Internships page.


prep fathers club supports the flintridge prep mentoring program