Mentoring and Internships

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Prep students and college alumni have two programs to help them with their growth through active mentoring and career internships:

Career Windows & Traditional Internship Details

Entering its fourth year, The Flintridge Prep Fathers Club Internship & Career Windows Program is a successful parent and alumni-powered initiative that provides college-age Flintridge Prep alumni opportunities to gain work experience and be exposed to a variety of professional fields. Students are able to build career networking opportunities and become part of a talent pipeline within the Prep family. Both intern and host are expected to be fully invested and engaged in ensuring that the opportunity is a mutually beneficial and rewarding experience.

Traditional Internship Program (Usually Paid): Hosts provide interns a traditional summer work experience. We welcome internships from established company programs or custom internships developed in support of this Prep Fathers Club initiative. The internship should involve a position and tasks where both the student and the host organization realize benefit. The Prep Fathers Club will help bring together interested college students with internship offerings. The duration, job functions and compensation will vary according to employer goals and circumstances. Internships can be offered across a broad range of career fields and locations. Hosts are provided with guidance and information to assist in forming and executing high-value internships.

Career Windows Program (Unpaid): Hosts will provide the intern a one- to three-week workplace experience focused on a series of work assignments and experiences (real-world or hypothetical). These programs can be flexible, allowing the intern to be exposed to the general work environment, culture and job functions in a given field. The Prep Fathers Club will bring together interested Prep alumni with Career Windows offerings across a range of career fields. The Fathers Club Intern Program volunteers will provide information, example templates and will work with you to develop a meaningful Career Windows internship. Every effort will be made to make execution of the Career Windows experience easy, interesting, and beneficial for the student and the host.

Contact Flintridge Prep Fathers Club representative David Hitchcock to learn more or to register as a potential host for either a Career Window or Traditional Internship experience.


Prep students in the 11th and 12th grades may participate in Flintridge Prep’s PrepExchange, the school’s comprehensive approach to providing inter-generational mentoring in the Flintridge Prep community. Through PrepExchange, students will receive career and college mentoring, and internship opportunities.

PrepExchange Program Student AudienceProgram PurposeProgram Framework and SponsorsProgram Information Link
One Day Shadow Internships
Prep 11th GradeDesigned to provide Juniors with an opportunity to observe and interact in the daily operation of a company.Managed by PrepExchange, on “Junior Internship Day”, members of the Prep adult community provide interactive company experiences .PrepExchange One-Day Shadow Internship – Shadow Internship
Summer Internships
Prep 12th GradeDesigned to provide Seniors with a deeper understanding of working in a company.Managed by PrepExchange, student interns are matched with participating companies for a week or longer.PrepExchange Summer Internship - Internship